Walgreens to add MH telehealth and referral services

Walgreens to add MH telehealth and referral services

Forbes magazine published “Walgreens to Expand Mental Health Services” on May 10, 2016. This is a relatively brief and concise article that reports on the partnership between the Walgreens chain and Mental Health America.

Walgreens reportedly is hoping to both improve treatment outcomes for its customers prescribed mental health medications and also, obviously, to benefit from increased traffic to its websites and utilization of its services. It also reportedly will use consultation with mental health America specialists to “improve training and education of its more than 27,000 pharmacists and more than 1000, 100 nurse practitioners and physician assistants.” It will also provide telehealth services to Walgreens customers, apparently with a focus on increasing medication compliance.

Mental health America provides a variety of resources, including published materials (including fact sheets and brochures), information info about different types of mental health services, several online screening tools, and even referrals to local “affiliates.” Interestingly, I searched for “affiliates” within 100 miles of Minneapolis and did not get any results.

Walgreens and Mental Health America reportedly have set a goal of screening 3 million people with the new Walgreens-based services by the end of 2017.

MHconcierge’ s take: this clearly is part of an emerging trend – retail businesses see opportunities and are seizing them, more effectively than our own professional organizations and independent clinics, agencies, and provider groups. Becoming a Mental Health America affiliate could potentially be a source of referrals from the new Walgreens program. Mental Health America appears to have developed some quality resources that may be provided to your own patients/clients.

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