Two impressive professional websites

Two impressive professional websites


While research various possible topics for this week’s postings, stumbled across two professional websites that caught his eye:

California psychologist Paul G. Mattiuzzi, Ph.D., has a set of linked websites about his forensic practice, resources for the public and also for Paul G. Mattiuzzi, Ph.D.professionals, and some interesting online screenings.  There are several ways to access his sites: is his portal to his “psychology resource information system” (sort of what aspires to be for MN).  Check out is online self-assessment tools and, near the bottom of the page, articles about psychology.  These articles could potentially provide ideas for your own website (of course, not to copy them but to create your own versions, in your own words, with your own structure and resources, etc)


Another California psychologist, Michael Yapko, Ph.D. has a very impressive website.  michael yapko, ph.d.He is a noted hypnosis expert and author of therapy texts, and clearly has more resources for creating an awesome website than most of us, including an apparently tech-savvy wife who is his webmaster.  His blog and e-newsletter pages can, however, provide ideas for how you might enhance your own website and create your own online content. In particular, some archived newsletter postings, such as his depression articles, could possibly stimulate ideas for your own online content.

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