New NIMH director discusses depression research – very biological!

New NIMH director discusses depression research – very biological!

Courtesy of one of the blogs that mhconcierge monitors, Clinical Psychiatry News, comes “New NIMH director discusses depression therapy,” a brief article and a link to an in-depth audio of an interview with Joshua Gordon, MD, Ph.D., new director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Gordon is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who specializes in research using optogentics, a high-tech research tool which uses light to track neurocircuits.

Dr. Gordon is very enthused about this field of research, which currently is being done with mice, and theorizes that it may lead to treatments which enable the ability to “switch on and off certain mental states.”  This is the first of 4 interviews with Dr. Gordon that the blog will post.’s take; Obviously, this is radical territory.  It may be alarming for those who are skeptical about the benefits of such as neurological focus on mental health and psychology.  It may be heartening and exciting for those who see potential in developing more precise understanding of brain functioning that will increase our understanding of psychological functioning.  Stay tuned – continue to monitor these developments.





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