New depression treatment targets “thinking too much”

New depression treatment targets “thinking too much”

Tackling depression by changing the way you think posted by on 3-13-17. This article reviews a recent study of depressed individuals that found that many tend to ruminate excessively, and using a treatment approach the targeted excessive ruminating resulted in a significant reduction of depression symptoms.

The authors note that people with depression tend to “think too much,” and the therapy approach, metacognitive therapy (MCT) helps them become aware of this and to reduce rumination. MCT teaches “detached mindfulness” and helps depression sufferers react differently to their negative thought processes, and to have more of a sense of control over their thinking that contributes to depression. The study also found that participants were able to sustain their progress much better in comparison to a control group, with fewer relapses.  MCT may be particularly helpful for people suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

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