Free high quality information and webinars about CPT coding and health care policy issues

Antonio Puente, Ph.D., is a candidate for President of the American Psychological Association. He has been involved at the highest level in developing CPT codes and is probably the leading behavioral expert on CPT coding issues. He has provided free webinars about CPT coding that provide excellent summaries of information about CMS (Medicare) CPT coding policies that explains, in understandable language, the complex and often unclear CPT coding guidelines.

He also provides general information about how Medicaid and non-government, or “commercial,” managed care organizations use the CMS guidelines for their own coding and reimbursement policies. He covers therapy codes, crisis codes and modifiers, testing codes (general psych testing and neuropsych testing), E & M codes (not much good for non-physicians), H & P codes, and more.┬áHe provides access to his slides from previous webinars, which can be very informative if you are willing to wade through his very though information (his most recent presentation from 3-30-15 has 621 slides!)

He also offers helpful sample templates for forms and reports.

Dr. Puente, probably as part of his candidacy, is offering 5 free webinars, one each month, apparently for APA members.

If you have CPT coding or billing questions, Tony’s information can probably help you out.

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