For better or worse, the debate about diagnosing Trump is back!

For better or worse, the debate about diagnosing Trump is back!

For better or worse, discussion about whether it is proper to diagnose President Trump has returned at a national level.  mhconcierge has read several articles discussing the issues in the last week, and if you want to read just one article we recommend “Is it Kosher to Speculate About Donald Trump’s Mental Health?” as the one with the most balanced discussion.

The author of this article, posted by The Science of US blog on 2-16-17, reviews the main issues of the controversy, provides links to recent articles that have reactivated it, and concludes: “Focus on (Trump’s behavioral traits) and (their) potentially dangerous ramifications in extreme cases, and less on hypothetical diagnoses.”  And, “We do not, with certainty given the huge pile of evidence that has accrued, that Trump is deeply narcissistic – much more so than past presidents.”  Finally, “..deeply narcissistic people act in certain somewhat predicable ways regardless of whether or not they meet the threshold for NPD, (and) this could be a good midway approach to trying to understand Trump’s actions.”

2 Responses to “For better or worse, the debate about diagnosing Trump is back!”

  1. Robert Van Siclen says:

    Hi, Dick

    I’m sure you saw these. They probably inspired your blog. But, just in case:

    I think it is both a waste of time and unethical to speculate on Mr. Trump’s mental status. We have never seen the nonpublic side of the man. I think we saw a little of it break through in the Thursday press conference when he was busted on his claims of the Greatest Electoral College Landslide. His face changed, the forward leaning, lip pursing, direct stare-down dropped and he looked right/left/up and said “Well, that’s the figures I was given.”

    But even that might have been a con. He is that good.

    When I used to work in forensics, jailers would send me people who did terrible things because to do such a thing, they must be crazy. Some were. Some were just bad.

    We can fall into the same trap with Mr. Trump. We can waste time and make ourselves feel better by calling him mentally ill. But this only distracts us from more important issues.


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