Family Meditation- Not for Everyone, But It May Be Worth A Try

The Family Meditation Session, published by the Wall Street Journal on 11-17-15, discusses the potential benefits of parents teaching young children to quiet themselves, rev down, relax – and even, briefly, to meditate.  What may sound impossible turns out, with a few tips from psychologist mindfulness experts, to be potentially helpful – as long as the expectations are pretty low.  For example, younger children may be able to sit and “meditate” for 10 seconds – but this still can help them learn to pause, take deep breathe, and to start on the path towards self-regulation and mindfulness.  It is an interesting, and entertaining, article about a child care approach that is not for every parent, but which may be a natural for parents who are working on their own mindfulness skills, and which may also be worth a try for more active kids who need to learn to settle themselves.

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