Richard Sethre, Psy.D., L.P.

 Richard Sethre is a doctoral psychologist who provides psychological services   to individuals to help them feel and do better. He  also provides consultation   and resources to mental health professionals and organizations.

 Psychology has made exciting progress recently in being able to help people more quickly   and effectively.  It is an exciting time to be practicing psychology. Most people who need   to see a psychologist are, in some way, psychologically stuck. The goal of psychological   treatment is to help the person get unstuck, to reduce their symptoms (sadness,   irritability, poor sleep, etc), and to increase their coping resources. Good psychological   treatment is a collaboration between the patient and the psychologist, with a focus on identifying different things that the patient can do to feel better and function better.  Effective psychological treatment needs to include attention to the person’s physical functioning.  It is important to coordinate psychological treatment with the person’s primary physician, and other medical professionals. 

Here are links to my CV and a list of my professional presentations and publications.

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Richard Sethre

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