Computer security update: TruCrypt is done!

It is crucial to encrypt all PHI on your computer.  To summarize briefly, if your computer is hacked, stolen or otherwise comprise, your responsibilities are severe compared to having a compromised computer with encrypted PHI data.

In the past, the most popular free and effective encryption program had been TruCrypt. Even though the TruCypt team stopped maintaining it several years ago, security experts had recommended, or at least OK’ed, continuing to use TruCrypt because it’s encryption algorithm had never been broken by a single hacker – a remarkable record.  There have been emerging concerns, however, because as Windows continues to evolve and TruCrypt was not maintained that TruCrypt would eventually not function adequately with new versions of Windows.

The Nov. issue of PC World Magazine now reports that a security expert has found not one but two “crucial” security flaws in the TruCrypt code. The author recommends transitioning to VeraCrypt, a free encryption program that is based on TruCrypt, but has already patched the two security flaws – and, like TruCrypt, it is not known to ever been hacked.

If you use VeraCrypt, please donate to the developers.  Even $10 helps.



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